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  1. Yvonne Presley says:

    Try Lots of Hats is a book that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a touching story and the illustrations by Lynda are really eye catching. My daughter who teaches 5th grade read it to her class and they not only enjoyed it but it provided an opportunity for discussion about choosing one’s career and finding just the right nitch in life.

  2. Nadine King says:

    Lynda, I love having your cards, art, & book in Christmas Come True “It’s A Frame Of Mind” Artisan Gifts & Center. My customers love the art! I wish you the best of luck & success.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bought two copies of your book “Try Lots of Hats” for 2 of my young teenage cousins who are from families of separation and divorce. The life lessons described in the book I felt were very timely and appropriate for these two young girls as they navigate this new journey in their lives.

  4. Rena Katz says:

    Try Lots of Hats made a very big impression on me and I give it to friends & am spreading the word about this insightful & beautifully drawn book, which makes one think about all the different hats we wear.

    I also ordered some greeting cards. Being able to choose my own text,font & ink color is GREAT!! The cards themselves are adorable, terrific & show off Lynda’s talents & creativity.

  5. Bonnie Bostrom says:

    Lynda’s book, Try Lots of Hats, is remarkable in that it is appropriate at any age. It touches the child part within us and that is the place where creativity resides. It is a lovely way for young girls to learn and a great way for adults to learn to mentor. I recommend it highly.
    Bonnie Bostrom
    Author and Hakomi Therapist

  6. Linda Rudolph says:

    Lynda’s book has proved to be a very valuable tool in working with young victims of violence. It gives hope and inspiration to young people to move forward with their lives in a positive manner.

    Keep up the good work.

    Linda Rudolph
    Executive Director
    Safe Space Inc.

  7. Jo Sheppard says:

    Lynda’s book Try Lots of Hats is beautifully illustrated and beautifully written. I immediately bought it for my young niece, who is just beginning to explore her many talents.Its message is loving, inspirational and encouraging to young and old on their journey of life. I recommend this book to parents, therapists and educators.
    Jo Sheppard
    Former CEO of Child Care Resource Network

  8. Lindsay Roberts says:

    In a world of negativity, Lynda’s book offers a positive and reassuring message for young women, especially those who have already faced challenges in their lives. The illustrations are delightful, and the author’s voice is authentic, calming and filled with hope.

  9. Dee Krogh M.A. RAS says:

    This little book is beautifully written and illustrated and delivers a message much larger than its size. Working with women who have a history of trauma, this book is a great tool and I have given a number of copies and have two in my lending library as well.

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