About Me

I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC but ended up with a career in retail management and social services – go figure! I use colored pencils and brush tip markers to create my art and I like to focus on positive, inspirational, and light-hearted messages. I got some very positive feedback about my book, “Try Lots of Hats”, from friends in social services – apparently they found it to be useful when working with their young female clients. I  retired in 2011 after 22 years in social services (10 years in retail management before that) and it is great to be able to continue to help people in a different way.

I’m really enjoying my “reinvention” – drawing, learning, reading, writing, spending time with friends. It’s great to have the time and personal freedom to be able to explore whatever interests me!

I have always loved animals and currently share my home with Liberty, a young female beagle mix who I adopted in April 2014 after losing my sweet old dog, Stella. I have been blessed with another great dog because Liberty is also very sweet. I have been taking her to obedience classes and when she has matured a bit more I’d like to have her tested for therapy dog certification. We recently started doing pet therapy visits for Haven Hospice and it’s great to see the happiness she brings to people.

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Liberty wearing her new bandana 12-25-14